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Safenames White Papers

Stay Informed.

Safenames provides useful white papers to help customers learn more about domain registration, brand protection, industry challenges. Our goal is to keep you informed while outlining the best practices on how to handle these issues.

  • Safenames report on Social Media published in World Trademark Review’s Online Brand Enforcement 2018

    As a leading expert in online brand protection, Safenames was recently asked by the World Trademark Review to offer its strategic insight for its 2018 edition of Online Brand Enforcement. 

    Social media, in particular, allows brands to engage more directly with their consumers, thereby offering them an insight into customer motivation. However, such knowledge comes at a price. Before the invention of blogs, tweets and other forms of social media, an unhappy customer had a limited sphere of influence. Today, that same dissatisfied customer can rely on various social media networks to spread their news, experiences and reactions to a much wider audience.

    Our report entitled “Navigating the evolving landscape of social media” examines various brand approaches to tackling online abuse in the social media environment and how we can learn from their successes and failures. 

    The report is available for free download here.

    If you have concerns regarding social media monitoring and enforcement, our dedicated brand protection team can assist you. Please contact our Brand Protection Manager at for a free consultation.

  • 7 Important Tips for Successful Domain Portfolio Management

    "Your company is about to launch a new product. You begin to plan how you will market your new brand on the Internet. You will need to decide what domain names to register..."

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  • Cybersquatting 101

    "Cybersquatting is the practice of registering a domain name or group of domains that leverages a branded trademark, and then using the domain(s) either directly or indirectly in bad faith. In most cases, the goal of a cybersquatter is to profit from..."

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