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WHOIS Privacy Services

Looking to Protect Your Company Information?

Because domain registrars and registries are required to maintain and provide a searchable, public database of domain registrations, called WHOIS, there is easily accessible contact information published on the Web which presents companies who register domain names with a privacy challenge. Many WHOIS database records contain information about the registrant, administrative contact, technical contact, and billing contact for a domain in addition to the technical information such as DNS servers and IP addresses associated with a name. In order to minimize emails from spammers and/or phone calls from marketers who mine WHOIS to capture your contact information, we offer multiple WHOIS privacy options to protect the identity of our customers and the associated contact information for domains registered with Safenames.

WHOIS privacy is not only a privacy feature; it can be a security feature. Internet criminals can use your WHOIS contact information as part of phishing attempts, domain hijacking attempts, or other illegal online activities. Safenames' WHOIS privacy services can minimize the security risks to your company.


Standard WHOIS Privacy Service

"Your WHOIS Privacy" is an add-on service offered by Safenames that fully masks the WHOIS contact data. The registrant will be listed as "Your WHOIS Privacy" and the standard WHOIS contact information associated with the domain will be that of the "Your WHOIS Privacy" entity. The Standard WHOIS is privacy option is ideal for customers who want to avoid being spammed or called by a telemarketer as a result of WHOIS mining.


Dedicated WHOIS Privacy Service

For sensitive and unique domain registration applications, Safenames is able to register a new company that includes a dedicated phone number, e-mail address and postal address just for you for an additional fee. Many times when a new product or service is being launched or even a new company is being formed, it is critical that domains associated with the new activity be registered with anonymity. Safenames can also assist to mask the DNS servers prior to launch and assist customers. Upon request, Safenames will sign non-disclosure agreements and assign sensitive projects to only those personnel required to perform the necessary tasks. The Dedicated WHOIS Privacy Service is the right solution to give your company complete privacy and anonymity.


Custom WHOIS Records

The Safenames Domain Management Control Panel, the IDP, allows customers to configure their account so that only the contact data of the master account appears in the WHOIS contact fields. Customers may use their corporate headquarters information for all domains even though their branch offices and subsidiary companies registered the domain and may manage the domains. Using the Custom WHOIS Records capability, allows your company to remain listed as the legal registrant and you publish a single address, phone number and email for all registered domains.