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ICANN has implemented the Trademark Clearinghouse to enable trademark holders to protect their brand(s) during the upcoming new gTLD expansion.

What is the TMCH?

More than 70 new domain name extensions have launched so far and several hundred more extensions will launch over the next few years. ICANN built the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)—a single global repository for authenticated registered trademarks—to help protect brand owners and their IP rights as they relate to domain names. The TMCH offers registered trademark holders a solution—to help safeguard their rights and simplify participation during the multiple pre-registration (Sunrise) launch periods for each New gTLD.

What Brand Owners Need To Know.

  • Any trademark holder, private person, or company can submit their trademark to the Clearinghouse via a fast track process.
  • After verification, the trademark holder will be able to register corresponding domain name(s) during the multiple pre-registration (Sunrise) periods for new gTLDs.
  • As a trademark holder, you can opt to receive notification when/if someone attempts to register a domain name that matches your record in the TMCH for up to 90 days after Sunrise.
  • Trademark owners can add up to 50 variations that are similar to each valid submission in the TMCH—within the notification process—provided that the variant of the mark was awarded to the trademark holder in a prior UDRP case.
  • For any trademark/brand owner wanting to participate in the new gTLD Sunrise phase(s), the TMCH will enable quick, efficient validation of your trademark information in a centralized repository.
  • Use of the TMCH is not mandatory, but doing so will significantly streamline the registration process during Sunrise—recording your trademark/brand in the TMCH now is similar to pre-validation.
  • The TMCH will remain operational throughout the entire new gTLD expansion.
  • The TMCH will accept, authenticate, and verify any registered trademarks.
  • Registrations are 1, 3 or 5 years and are renewable.
  • The TMCH will not accept IP rights that cannot be represented within the Domain Name System (DNS).

The TMCH is meant to save trademark/brand owners time and money—and give you more control during the new gTLD expansion.

Safenames is a registered agent in the Trademark Clearinghouse.  We will work hand in hand with our current clients (and other IP rights holders) to protect your interests and to ensure that you and your company are prepared for the new gTLD expansion.

To find out more, please view the video below.

Safenames is a registered Agent for the TMCH, providing:

  • Assessment of TMCH for your trademarks/brands.
  • Early bird registration.
  • Document repository.
  • TM search, submission, and documentation.
  • Invoice Billing and Auto Renew settings.
  • IP claim services.
  • Assistance with proof of use.

To learn more about the TMCH and how Safenames can help you protect your brand, complete the form above to have a Safenames expert contact you today.

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*A token is a non-transferable and single-use code which allows applicants who were approved, to register a domain at the registrar partner of their choosing. Tokens are distributed by health industry partners to their constituents—or you may apply for a token directly via the .health Health Industry Access Form

**Price listed is for standard, non-premium domain names. Pricing may vary for premium names.