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Mark Protect

Tackling Trademark Infringement Challenges With Innovation.

The ever growing global problem of online brand abuse in the form of cyber-squatted domain names has cost many millions to companies doing business on the Internet. To address this challenging issue, Safenames has developed a fully managed and innovative brand protection service called Safenames’ Mark Protect. Mark Protect was created to simplify the overwhelming task of policing and taking action on trademark infringements across the Web. Whether you are just beginning to assess the impact of cyber-squatting on your business or have been fighting this problem for years, Safenames' Mark Protect is the right solution for you.


How Does Safenames' Mark Protect Work?
  • Global Domain Search – Comprehensive search for all domain names that contain your trademark(s)
  • Infringement Assessment – Identification of most egregious domains infringing on your brand
  • Prioritization of Infringements – Domains prioritized with the highest risk factors to your online brand 
  • Recommended Action Plan – Summary of the findings and actionable recommendations to alleviate risk
  • Joint Agreement on Plan – Agreement from trademark holder and Safenames on the recommended course of action
  • Execution of the Plan – Safenames will take the lead or work with your legal team on addressing the top infringements
What Are the Benefits of Using Mark Protect?
  • Protect the financial investment and established equity of your intellectual property
  • Safeguard your brands from content on cyber-squatted domains that may affect the reputation of your company and sales
  • Prevent others from profiting through unauthorized registration and misuse of your brand
  • Alleviate the need to purchase domains from cyber-criminals or rogue companies that look to profit from your trademarks
  • Protect your brand from any harmful content such as pornography or gambling
  • Recapture diverted Web site traffic that should be going directly to your Web Site 
  • Cut unnecessary cost from your online ad budget generated from clicks on domains that should be in your portfolio 


Additional Services

Safenames also offers additional Dispute Resolution Services and will take the lead role on Cease and Desist Letters, UDRP disputes using WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) or NAF (National Arbitration Forum). Safenames are also conversant with Alternative Dispute Resolution Service Providers who do not rely on the UDRP which include; Nominet, KIDRC, DNC, CIRA, SIDN, .SE and DNS.BE. We will also work with Search Engines (such as Google or Yahoo) and Parking Companies (such as Oversee or to remove any Pay-Per-Click or infringing content which appear on the domains which abuse your online brand.