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Press Releases

  • Actively Participating in Social Networks is Critical to a Marketing Plan

    Social Networking also known as "Social Media" has become a popular way for businesses and organizations to communicate and interact with customers and prospects who are global Internet users. Social networking websites provide a forum to grow their brand awareness and promote their products. With social networking sites such as Facebook that have over 400 million users and Twitter subscribers publishing over 50 million “tweets” a day, it is clear that businesses must use social networking sites to widen their circle of customers, enhance their online reputation and presence and market their brands ultimately driving sales at a fraction of the cost of more traditional marketing methods.

    Social Media Cyber-squatting: “Are you at risk?”

    The traditional forms of cyber-squatting on domain names can be addressed through formal dispute resolution procedures available to trademark owners, but with the emergence in Social Networking sites and their increased popularity, many cyber-squatters have drifted away from the traditional domain squatting methods, creating a new threat to your brand. Social networking websites provide a new avenue for unauthorized third parties to create profiles and blogs falsely claiming to be your brand. Competitors or even employees may also create profiles on these social network sites reflecting your brand, defaming your name and engaging your customers directly through blogs.

    “How can you avoid being a victim?”

    Safenames offers a solution to address this threat to your brand. We combine all our IT, Legal and marketing resources to provide a unified strategy to tackle the evolution of cyber-squatting in the social media space.

    If you are a trademark/brand owner seeking to increase your social media presence, then it is vitally important that you protect your brand on these sites or risk diminishing your rights altogether.

    Safenames currently offers the following services for Social Media:

    Account Registration - Proactive registration is more effective than trying to address the problem re-actively. To prevent third parties from creating accounts reflecting your brand name Safenames will register them on the top 5 social networking sites including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger and BeBo. Your Username and Password for these sites will also be available to you from within your IDP which will allow you to manage your profiles and blogs on these sites.

    User Name Retrieval - If you find that someone else has already created a profile on a social networking for your brand without permission, Safenames Legal department can provide you with an appraisal into the infringing profile and the best course of action to take in retrieving ownership of it. The legal department works with the legal departments of the social networking sites to make sure your brand is protected and that infringing profiles are shut down or transferred over to you, the rightful owner.

    Social Network Account Content - The thought of maintaining a social network profile or blog can be an overwhelming task where some businesses simply lack the time and resources to devote time to it. Safenames provides the solution with our new Social Network Management service that deals with the day to day running of your accounts. One of our social media professionals will update your blog, provide broadcasts based on your business activities and provide instantaneous up to date information for your customers in one place unique to you, quickly and easily; not only that but these updates can be provided in a variety of languages relevant to your global marketing audience.

    Content Security - The ability scan and monitor Web content will soon be released as an add-on service that will enable companies to remove infringing content from Youtube and other video-sharing websites. The service will also allow users to identify infringing or profane material on general Web sites which may damage your reputation. The service will allow you to identify those websites where you need to focus on removing content, track changes in the content and provide you with information on sites that use content with your brands by placing pay-per-click ads in connection with it.

    If you would like to find out more about the services that we offer protecting your brand(s) in the social media space, please contact your Account Manager directly or email: to speak with one of our consultants.

  • Safenames turning phone numbers into domains in the UK to help businesses

    Milton Keynes, UK, March 25th (PR Newswire) -- Safenames announces that it has become the first company to be accredited by the United Kingdom ENUM Consortium (UKEC) to be a validation agent for UK (+44) ENUM in addition to being accredited registrar. Using ENUM will significantly lower telecommunication expenses and is expected to quickly revolutionize the way that we communicate.

    With the recent announcement by NOMINET that (+44) ENUM can now be registered in the United Kingdom, corporate domain name registrar and Web hosting provider Safenames has recently announced that it has become a validation agent and registration company that will help British companies with the process to acquire their (+44) ENUM.

    ENUM, the globally approved standard protocol that allows traditional telephony systems that work on a switched network (PSTN) to connect to modern Internet Protocol based networks, is expected to minimize telecommunications costs for companies and revolutionize they way that we communicate. ENUM transforms a telephone number into a domain name which allows the number to be entered into the root zone file of the authoritative registry database.

    By using ENUM, two distinct Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) networks can connect directly with each other without ever having to pass through a PSTN network, essentially eliminating the cost of making the actual call. Phone numbers that are registered and use ENUM can use a universal identifier or single number, commonly called a “Find me, Follow Me” number that will allow them to configure how they receive communications based on the specific criteria of their physical location or time of day via intelligent routing technology using DNS.

    “We are very excited that ENUM has finally launched in the UK and we are able to assist businesses with this new technology. Registering and validating ENUMs is a natural match for our company and the services that we have provided to global companies for over ten years. While we envision the initial use of ENUM to be linking VOIP phone systems to save on telecommunications costs, we also believe that there are numerous business and personal applications that will evolve over time from the use of ENUM”, said Jon Stock, director of Technology Services at Safenames.

    An ENUM is registered in a similar way to traditional domain names, however, unlike domain names only the actual owner of a particular phone number can register the ENUM for that number. This phone number validation is performed by Safenames prior to the completion of an ENUM registration. This eliminates the problem with cyber-squatters and individuals who register someone else’s trademarks that commonly occur in the gTLD and ccTLD name space.

    For more information on ENUM please contact

    Safenames Ltd

    Safenames is a leading global domain name registration company that specializes in corporate domain portfolio management and online trademark infringement protection services. Safenames is also an accredited registrar for (+44) ENUM in the UK, (+49) ENUM in Germany, The company is headquartered in Milton Keynes, England with regional offices in Vienna, Virginia, and Sydney, Australia. Safenames is a privately held company founded in 1997 and received ICANN accreditation in 2002.

  • Safenames Unites Top English Premier League Clubs in Successful UDRP Joint Filing

    MILTON KEYNES, England, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Safenames, an online brand protection services company and global domain name registrar, successfully recovered multiple domain names for five revered members of the English Premier League. In the fiercely contested English Premier League, it is rare if not unimaginable that the clubs would unite, but in order to address the shared problem of online trademark infringement cases that illegally profit from famous and beloved brands; the decision to form an alliance was simple.

    By working with representatives from the English Premier League head office along with officials from Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham, and West Ham football clubs, Safenames was able to establish a common link between the individual online trademark infringement cases. As a result, Safenames filed the unprecedented single complaint, on behalf of the five Premier League clubs, with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center using the Uniform Resolution Policy (UDRP). The WIPO Panel ruled in favour of the Premier League Clubs after finding that the facts presented by Safenames justified that the use of the domain names were identically or confusingly similar to that of the trademark holders and the respondent had no right or legitimate interests to use the names. The registration rights for official-liverpool-,,, and have been awarded to their respective clubs.

    "We are delighted at the arbitration panel's decision to award the domains to their rightful trademark holders. Unauthorised use of trademarks in the form of domain names is quite a common problem and one that continues to grow as Internet usage grows. There is no industry immune from this damaging issue and we were very happy to assist some of the world's leading brands in professional sport with fighting this battle." said Head Counsel for Safenames, Prudence Malinki, who filed the unprecedented UDRP on behalf of the Premier League clubs.

    Safenames has been on the forefront of global trademark infringement detection and domain name recovery services for years. The recently launched Safenames' Mark Protect service enables companies to identify and prioritise recovery of domains infringement on their brands was instrumental in gathering the facts used to build this case. Mark Protect combined with Safenames' legal expertise on domain dispute filings allowed the case to be resolved in less than two months with a successful result.

    Visit to review the complete WIPO decision.

  • Safenames Wins Domain Dispute for Legendary Poker Player, Gus Hansen

    . England  September 9, 2009  \PRNewswire\

    Global domain name registrar and online brand protection company, Safenames, has successfully recovered the domain name, “”, for the three-time World Poker Tour champion, Gus Hansen, using the Uniform Resolution Dispute Process (UDRP).   Although Hanson did not have a registered trademark on his personal name at the time of the filing, Safenames was able to demonstrate that the domain name was registered in bad faith. Safenames proved that the defendant infringed on Hansen’s common law mark, his famous personal name, because the domain was used in a manner that was publically recognizable to Mr. Hansen.

    Working closely with Mr. Hansen’s representatives, the Safenames legal team filed the UDRP with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland against Yevgen Kudashov.  Safenames demonstrated that the registrant was effectively creating “confusion” with the public, profiting from and acting in bad faith in his registration of And, that Mr. Kudashov went to great lengths in an attempt to fool the public into believing that he was actually Hansen by creating an email address that contained the Mr. Hansen’s nickname “Gus the Great Dane” which was used as the WHOIS administrative contact.

    The WIPO Panellist found in favor of Gus Hansen, concluding that Mr. Kudashov, had no rights or legitimate interests in the domain and the name was registered and used in bad faith; ultimately ruling that the domain name should be transferred to Hansen, although the domain name was registered over five years ago by Kudashov. 

    Safenames Head Counsel, Prudence Malinki said following the decision, “We are very pleased that Safenames was able to win this dispute for Mr. Hansen.   I believe that that this ruling will pave the way for other famous individuals and celebrities to recover domain names registered to third parties who are profiting from registering domains that contain their famous personal names.” 

    Visit: to review the full WIPO decision.

    Safenames Ltd

    Safenames,, is a leading global domain name registration company that specializes in corporate domain portfolio management, online trademark monitoring and domain dispute services. The company is headquartered in Milton Keynes, England with regional offices in Vienna, Virginia, and Brisbane, Australia.  Safenames is a privately held company founded in 1997 and became ICANN accredited in 2002.

    Reporter relations contact:

    +1-703-574-5313 or

  • Ten Years of the UDRP

    Safenames examines some of the history of the UDRP, offer 10 tips on best practices and speculates on future changes in Managing IP Magazine.
    Due to the increase in global Internet usage and the huge number of registered domains (over 200 million), the number of cases filed through the UDRP has grown signicantly as have the escalating complexity of issues surrounding the Internet.  Over the past decade, however, the formal provisions outlined in the UDRP have changed very little.  The UDRP has seen its share of increasingly arduous cases and the formal provisioning system is struggling to stay ahead of the issue it is ultimately responsible for resolving.
  • Safenames Wins Multi-Complainant, Multi-Domain UDRP

    Safenames, the global leader in enterprise brand protection, today announced a multi-complainant UDRP win/recovery involving New gTLDs in a dispute with the registrant that lasted nearly a year. In total, Safenames recovered 18 domain names for a total of 15 different trademark holders (entities), in just two cases.

    Safenames was originally alerted that the registrant in these cases was infringing on another, initial domain ( They filed and received a winning decision from CAC for that domain in just two months. While Safenames legal team was in the process of researching this case they uncovered additional instances of this practice by this registrant. Safenames was diligent in launching a campaign to alert various trademark holders of this practice, which ultimately led to the most recent, multi-complainant UDRP win.

    This most recent win is significant for Safenames, as multiple complainant cases are much rarer than single complainant cases, and present a unique set of challenges. The biggest challenge is often unifying corporate entities because corporations/enterprises typically operate alone to promote and protect their own brand(s). Safenames' most complex internal challenge, according to Micah Ogilvie, Chief Legal Counsel for Safenames, "was to ensure that every argument was relevant to all entities involved, in only 5,000 words, and to keep costs down. As long as we are able to do these two things effectively, we often find that companies are willing to set aside any intrinsic differences and work together with us to complete the task at hand." Further, Safenames has many multi-complainant case wins under their belt. "Not only do we have extensive knowledge of the UDRP, I would say we are pioneers in cases involving multiple complainants following our English Premier league case in 2009, which is well documented and used as UDRP precedent," said Ogilvie.

    As part of the most recent win, Safenames successfully recovered domain names for Molton Brown Limited, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, GlaxoSmithKline, Vertu Corporation Limited, Lyondellbasell Industries, VKR Holding A/S, G4S Plc, Logitech International SA, Auto Trader Limited, Ryanair Limited, Associated Newspapers Limited, Wowcher Limited, Savills plc, Red Letter Days Limited, and Oxfam International, to name a few. This was the first ever class action ("Multiple Complainant") UDRP involving New gTLDs.

    Mr. Ogilvie worked closely with each entity involved, filed the UDRP with the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) against the registrant, and was able to demonstrate that the registrant had registered each of the domain names in bad faith and was creating "confusion" for each of the brands/TMs, profiting from and acting in bad faith in his registration(s). As a result, the domains were transferred back to the corresponding Complainants.   

    Miss. Natasha Sharma, Head of Brand Protection services said, "We are very pleased that Safenames was able to win this dispute for multiple trademark owners. This pro-active approach plays a big part in Safenames brand enforcement strategies where multiple domain names can be retrieved via a single dispute".

    Review the full CAC decision:

    About Safenames:

    Safenames is the global leader in enterprise brand protection, specializing in domain management and online trademark enforcement for companies across the globe. The company is headquartered in Milton Keynes, England with regional offices in Vienna, Virginia, and Brisbane, Australia. 


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