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Press Releases

  • Safenames Wins Multi-Complainant, Multi-Domain UDRP

    Safenames, the global leader in enterprise brand protection, today announced a multi-complainant UDRP win/recovery involving New gTLDs in a dispute with the registrant that lasted nearly a year. In total, Safenames recovered 18 domain names for a total of 15 different trademark holders (entities), in just two cases.

    Safenames was originally alerted that the registrant in these cases was infringing on another, initial domain ( They filed and received a winning decision from CAC for that domain in just two months. While Safenames legal team was in the process of researching this case they uncovered additional instances of this practice ...

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  • Actively Participating in Social Networks is Critical to a Marketing Plan

    Social Networking also known as "Social Media" has become a popular way for businesses and organizations to communicate and interact with customers and prospects who are global Internet users. Social networking websites provide a forum to grow their brand awareness and promote their products. With social networking sites such as Facebook that have over 400 million users and Twitter subscribers publishing over 50 million “tweets” a day, it is clear that businesses must use social networking sites to widen their circle of customers, enhance their online reputation and presence and market their brands ultimately driving sales at a fraction of ...

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  • Ten Years of the UDRP

    Safenames examines some of the history of the UDRP, offer 10 tips on best practices and speculates on future changes in Managing IP Magazine.

    Due to the increase in global Internet usage and the huge number of registered domains (over 200 million), the number of cases filed through the UDRP has grown signicantly as have the escalating complexity of issues surrounding the Internet.  Over the past decade, however, the formal provisions outlined in the UDRP have changed very little.  The UDRP has seen its share of increasingly arduous cases and the formal provisioning system is struggling to stay ahead of ...

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  • Safenames Wins Domain Dispute for Legendary Poker Player, Gus Hansen

    MILTON KEYNES. England  September 9, 2009  \PRNewswire\

    Global domain name registrar and online brand protection company, Safenames, has successfully recovered the domain name, “”, for the three-time World Poker Tour champion, Gus Hansen, using the Uniform Resolution Dispute Process (UDRP).   Although Hanson did not have a registered trademark on his personal name at the time of the filing, Safenames was able to demonstrate that the domain name was registered in bad faith. Safenames proved that the defendant infringed on Hansen’s common law mark, his famous personal name, because the domain was used in a manner that ...

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  • Safenames Unites Top English Premier League Clubs in Successful UDRP Joint Filing

    MILTON KEYNES, England, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Safenames, an online brand protection services company and global domain name registrar, successfully recovered multiple domain names for five revered members of the English Premier League. In the fiercely contested English Premier League, it is rare if not unimaginable that the clubs would unite, but in order to address the shared problem of online trademark infringement cases that illegally profit from famous and beloved brands; the decision to form an alliance was simple.

    By working with representatives from the English Premier League head office along with officials from Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, ...

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  • Safenames turning phone numbers into domains in the UK to help businesses

    Milton Keynes, UK, March 25th (PR Newswire) -- Safenames announces that it has become the first company to be accredited by the United Kingdom ENUM Consortium (UKEC) to be a validation agent for UK (+44) ENUM in addition to being accredited registrar. Using ENUM will significantly lower telecommunication expenses and is expected to quickly revolutionize the way that we communicate.

    With the recent announcement by NOMINET that (+44) ENUM can now be registered in the United Kingdom, corporate domain name registrar and Web hosting provider Safenames has recently announced that it has become a validation agent and registration company that ...

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